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    What to Know: The Best Times to Transfer a Vehicle

    Sometimes, when you need to transport your car somewhere, you don’t have any control over when. You may be moving because of a new job or taking your car with you overseas on a vacation you’ve been planning for years. Other times, you have the luxury of being able to choose when you’ll do yourauto transport from Trenton New Jersey to Delawareplan. The question then becomes, “What’s the best time to transport my car?” Because cost is one of the most important factors in auto shipping from Trenton New Jersey to Delaware, here are some tips for helping you find the most affordable time of the year to ship a car.

    Snowbird Season

    The peak seasons for auto transport from Trenton New Jersey to Delawareare fall and spring. That’s when the snowbirds make their annual migration to and from the warmer climates. Although auto shipping from Trenton New Jersey to Delawarecompanies are at their busiest during these seasons, you may be able to take advantage of the season if you’re headed in the opposite direction. Sending your car north in the fall and south during the spring means many auto transport trucks will be going your way anyway. Plus, they’ll be happy to get any business rather than make the trip back empty.

    Fuel Prices Peak in Summer

    Anyone who’s been on a family road trip in the summer knows how expensive it can be to fill up during those months. The simple equation is: more people are driving during the summer, which means the demand for gas is higher and the auto transport from Trenton New Jersey to Delawareprices rise to meet the demand. Considering how much fuel it takes for a truck to finish auto shipping from Trenton New Jersey to Delaware, it’s worth holding off until the summer months pass and the demand dies down — if you have the luxury of waiting.For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.