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    Three Factors that Add Ups to the Price You Pay for Car Moving

    Mode of Pick-up and Delivery

    You have two auto shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Wisconsin options when it comes to the mode of pick-up and delivery: terminal to terminal; and door to door. Terminal to terminal mode means you have to bring your vehicle to a designated area for pick-up by the carrier, and retrieve it from another location when it gets there. This is convenient for the carrier, and more affordable for you.Door to door car shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Wisconsin means the carrier will pick up the vehicle at your residence or anywhere you designate, and deliver the vehicle to wherever you want. This is convenient for you, but you do have to pay for the service.

    Condition of the Vehicle

    The auto shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Wisconsin price increases for vehicles that are inoperable. This includes cars that are unable to start, but can still brake, steer and roll. Special tools, such as a winch, are needed in order to load these vehicles.Aside from the special equipment, it takes a lot more effort and time for the carrier to get an inoperable vehicle on to the trailer being used for car shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Wisconsin. The driver might try to jump-start the vehicle. If this is not possible, the driver will have to maneuver it on the truck as well as off it somehow.

    Make & Model of the Vehicle

    It’s required under USDOT rules for truckers to account for any space loss due to larger cars. There’s only a limited amount of space and a weight limit per load. For vehicles that are large and heavy, the auto shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Wisconsin price is higher.Carriers will try to load as many vehicles as they can in a transport truck to cut costs. Shipping heavier and/or longer vehicles means the carrier will be able to transport fewer vehicles because of the additional weight and/or space required. If you are shipping anything and/or longer than a sedan, the carrier will charge you a higher rate to offset lost income. For more car shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Wisconsin details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269