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    What Traits Make an Excellent Auto Shipper?

    The traits of an auto carrier driver can make all the difference for a safe and timely car shipping from Orem Utah to Kansas. In the end, this is who does the figurative and literal “heavy lifting” when it comes to your car moving from Orem Utah to Kansas. The level of commitment your driver has in terms of securing your car and delivering it on time makes the entire car shipping industry tick.They are responsible for the safety and delivery of five or even up to eleven cars at a time, so, there is no room for error or weakness during their trip. They do nothing but sleep, eat, drive and look after the safety of your vehicle for up to several weeks straight. Traits like stamina, dedication, strength, flexibility, patience, intuition, dexterity, confidence and care are all vital to an auto carrier driver’s success.

    The traits of an excellent auto carrier driver

    The following are the primary traits that propel your auto carrier driver to safety and success during the car shipping from Orem Utah to Kansas process:

    • Stamina – This comes in handy for a driver throughout the auto shipping process. Dedication – They must breathe, eat and dream the car shipping process.
    • Strength – They need to be strong enough to secure each one of the cars in their haul to the trailer.
    • Flexibility – They will need to be flexible enough to maneuver in and out of cars when there are only a few inches worth of space.
    • Dexterity – This is one of the most important of all the traits on this list. These drivers need to be able to move a load of extremely expensive and valuable cars onto and off of the trailer in such a particular way that none of them get scratched or damaged.
    • Confidence – With everything that is on the line during every one of these auto transports, these drivers definitely need to be confident.
    • Care – This is another one of the critically important traits that a driver must possess in order to be successful during car moving from Orem Utah to Kansas.


    Being a driver for a car shipping from Orem Utah to Kansas business is as complex as it looks. It can be both dangerous and extremely difficult work. A driver needs several key traits to have success delivering the vehicles safely and on time. Auto Shipping Group can have your car shipped with our vast network of longtime and trusted car moving from Orem Utah to Kansas service providers.For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.