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    Read this for a Well-informed Decision between Car Transport Services

    Door to Door Transport

    This type of transport is the preferred delivery method by companies over terminal to terminal shipment. Door to door auto shipping from Olympia Washington to South Dakota is just what it sounds to be. The driver will come directly to you to pick up the vehicle and then deliver the car exactly where it needs to go. This makes the process easy and convenient for you. Terminal to terminal car shipping from Olympia Washington to South Dakota, on the other hand, involves a storage facility. Therefore, the car will be temporarily stored in a local terminal until you are able to come pick it up. This method is less ideal, because you have to take time out of your day to travel to pickup the vehicle.

    Enclosed Vs. Open Auto Transport

    There are two primary ways to ship your vehicle. You can either transport your car via an open carrier or an enclosed truck. The option that you choose depends upon personal preference, along with vehicle type and size.Shipping your car on an open carrier means that it will be exposed to weather and the elements of the road, including dust, dirt, and other particles. In Open auto shipping from Olympia Washington to South Dakota, your car may be on a carrier with up to 10 other vehicles. Although damages as a result of road elements and weather conditions is highly unlikely, individuals with classic, exotic, and luxury models typically use the alternative method of car shipping from Olympia Washington to South Dakota via an enclosed carrier.

    Enclosed auto shipping from Olympia Washington to South Dakota provide extra protection. A transport truck with side walls and a roof is used to shield the car from a variety of extrinsic factors. Some trucks even have power lift gates, which minimize handling even more. Owners of vehicles with high-end paint jobs utilize this car shipping from Olympia Washington to South Dakota method to avoid taking any risks.For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.