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    Two Important Elements to Take Into Account that Affects the Transport Cost

    Delivery Preference

    The more flexible you are with pickup and delivery dates, the less you will have to pay. At Auto Shipping Group, we offer three different shipping options to choose from. This would include open, enclosed and door to door. Each varies in price and time windows to meet your specific budget and schedule. It is generally recommended to book auto shipping from Olympia Washington to Massachusetts services a couple weeks out or more. This is to allow plenty of time for both you and the company to prepare for car shipping from Olympia Washington to Massachusetts.

    Distance and Location

    An obvious factor that affects the cost of auto shipping from Olympia Washington to Massachusetts is the distance. The further you need your car transported, the higher the car shipping from Olympia Washington to Massachusetts service will cost. This is due to fuel consumption and mileage. Therefore, you must take into consideration if you are shipping from east coast to west coast or somewhere in-between. The distance will also have an impact on the shipping time frame. It may take anywhere from three days to two weeks or more to transport your vehicle to its destination. It all depends on the location and how far the driver must drive.

    The distance from city to city is important, but the city or town, itself, is also noteworthy. Are you shipping to a popular city? Some of the most popular auto shipping cities include Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami. If you are auto shipping from Olympia Washington to Massachusetts and the destination city is a distance away from a main highway, then the price you pay may be affected. This is because you would not be shipping along a popular transport route. If the location is difficult for the driver to maneuver the truck, this can also affect door to door car shipping from Olympia Washington to Massachusetts service. You and the driver will decide on a location to meet at, instead. For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.