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    Car Transport Services: Common Misconceptions

    If you have never shipped your car to another part of the country before, it can seem like a demanding process. In reality, shipping a car is quite easy. Those who have used auto transport services before likely enjoy how stress-free, timely, and convenient it truly is. However, like any industry, there are misconceptions, or myths, floating around out there. This may have made you think differently about car transport. We are here to set things straight about the car shipping from Olympia Washington to Hawaii process, specifically the rates as pricing is a major concern for many. Here are common misconceptions about car moving from Olympia Washington to Hawaii.

    Working with a carrier is the only way to go

    In the auto transport industry, there are transport carriers, and then there are brokers. There are also companies that handle both areas of business, but we won’t make your head spin.Many tend to think of brokers as the middleman. This can be one reason why people stray away from brokers. However, each company should be measured by the quality of car shipping from Olympia Washington to Hawaii services that they provide. Finding someone that you can trust with your vehicle can be a difficult task. Therefore, you must ask questions to find out if the car moving from Olympia Washington to Hawaii company is someone that you want to do business with.

    You can only ship cars that run

    Maybe you are currently working to fix up a car or need to ship a vehicle to a mechanic you know out of state. If you have an inoperable vehicle, there are options available to you. Some companies may not offer this kind of car shipping from Olympia Washington to Hawaii service because of the equipment and manpower that is required. When it comes to Auto Shipping Group, we ship a wide range of vehicles. It does not matter if the car is operable or inoperable. You may be wondering how inoperable car shipping compares in pricing. It is slightly more expensive due to the equipment needed for a successful and safe car moving from Olympia Washington to Hawaii.For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.