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    Specialty Auto Transport for your Rare and Expensive Vehicles

    Most people, when searching for luxury, exotic or classic auto transport from Newton Massachusetts to Idaho services, are looking for someone who can transport in an enclosed vehicle carrier but sometimes, that may not be enough. Many people check with their insurance company and that’s fine. They will tell you to find a transport service that can provide a carrier with a certain minimum liability to transport your vehicle.Auto Shipping Group has partnered with many of the top luxury/classic transporters in the country to make sure we always find the right scenario for your auto shipping from Newton Massachusetts to Idaho needs.

    Over the years, we have shipped vehicles for customers auto shipping from Newton Massachusetts to Idaho, customers buying and selling through collector car dealers online, those who go through private dealers, as well as many other avenues to purchase their high-end, valuable and possibly one-of-a-kind vehicle.We have shipped thousands of luxury and classic vehicles providing professional, competitive auto transport from Newton Massachusetts to Idaho services around the country.

    If you need to relocate a special vehicle of any type such as a luxury, classic car or custom vehicle, you want to make sure that your vehicle won’t be exposed to any unnecessary wear and tear over a long haul. If that’s the case, enclosed transport will keep your car inside of a truck, in garage like conditions, to protect it from the elements during auto shipping from Newton Massachusetts to Idaho. This ensures that any custom paint jobs, accessories or other special aspects of the vehicle will remain intact during transport.So if you own or plan to buy a rare, expensive or exotic car, the chances are you’re probably going to want to ship with an enclosed auto transport truck in order to protect your vehicles exterior from any damages that may occur while your vehicle is in transit. Auto Shipping Group always has a solution that will meet your auto transport from Newton Massachusetts to Idaho needs. For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.