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    Want to Protect Your Car? Follow these Tips when Hiring a Transporter

    Do Your Research

    It’s no secret that there are many untrustworthy auto shipping from Madison Wisconsin to Delaware businesses out there, so it’s always important for you to thoroughly research your chosen car shipping company before making any decisions. Are you confident that your transporter is trusted and offers a professional car shipping from Madison Wisconsin to Delaware service? For help identifying untrustworthy shippers, read our blogs at our page regarding how to spot car shipping scams.

    Check Reviews

    One vital way of establishing the trustworthiness of an auto shipping from Madison Wisconsin to Delaware business is to read online third-party reviews. This helps you get a feel for what previous clients thought.If the company is known for causing problems with customers, it should be fairly apparent in their reviews. This is one of the easiest ways of determining the professionalism of a car shipping from Madison Wisconsin to Delaware business. Another way of quickly checking if a company is genuine or not is by having a look at their social media accounts. Are they active and engaging with customers? Are they responsive and friendly to inquiries? If not, then this may be a cause for concern.

    Check documentation

    Check, double check and triple check all required documents! No one wants to be delayed at the last minute simply due to a few missing papers. Your auto shipping from Madison Wisconsin to Delaware service provider should provide you with information on all of the documents you need. Again, don’t be afraid to ask! In fact, we encourage you to!Proof of ownership, the vehicle registration and the certificate of insurance are just a few of the required documents. For more car shipping from Madison Wisconsin to Delaware tips, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.