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    Reliable and efficient Auto Shipping and Vehicle Transport Service in Miami, FL

    Miami, one of the most bustling cities in the world has a lot to offer each of its visitors and residents. Easily one of the most popular cities in the district of California, Miami has a lot of fun activities and events hosted here every year which attract crowds of tourists and visitors from all across the globe. Be it for job opportunities, better educational and medical infrastructure, or for the purpose of entertainment, relocating to Miami can have several perks that could make your life infinitely better. And every single individual moving to Miami in California for a temporary period or permanently needs an efficient and reliable auto shipping company to transport their vehicle to/from the city. At Auto Shipping Company we are honored to come to your service and make your move simple and hassle-free without professional vehicle transportation facilities.

    Choose the Top Rated Car Shipping Company in Miami, FL

    When you are shifting bases from one city to another, you already have a lot on your plate to think about. Starting from your new place of residence to the paperwork and the documentation of all necessary changes, you need someone to share your burden, and this holds especially true if you are moving with your family. That is why our experts and staff members at the Auto Shipping Company are diligent in their assignments and strive their level best to provide you aka the client with all the benefits and facilities we have to offer. At the end of the day, why not choose the best when you have that option?

    How Long Does It Take Time to Ship a Car To / From Miami?

    It’s a common question that most of our clients ask us. And we understand that you would want your pick-up and delivery to be completed in the shortest possible time frame. Our seasoned and experienced drivers and workforce typically aim at covering 325 miles daily which means while a short distance would only take a couple of days, longer stretches like cross-country auto shipping could take up to a fortnight for completion. Aspects like the distance to be covered, the season, and the road conditions apart from the weather and traffic are crucial for the total time required for the delivery. Besides, truck drivers and heavy-duty vehicle operators can only drive for specific hours and must stop within regular intervals for weight and security checks that might delay the process. However, when we give you an estimated time of delivery, rest assured we have factored in all required aspects for your ultimate satisfaction and benefit.

    How much does it cost to ship a vehicle to or from Miami?

    The finances involved in our vehicle transportation process are pretty straightforward and transparent. There are no hidden costs and if any extra expenses are incurred, we will intimate our clients beforehand. If you are concerned about the cost to ship a car to/from Miami you have nothing to worry about in this context. You can easily avail of a free quote by calling our helpline number ( 305-424-8495) or simply fill up the necessary information about your pick-up and drop location and we will have one of our esteemed professionals get directly in touch with you.

    Fast and Reliable Auto Transport Service in 3 easy steps:

    1. Get an Auto Transport Quote and book your order:

    If you choose us as your auto vehicle shipping service provider, then your journey will begin with receiving a free quote and booking the service you need depending on your budget and time. You can choose from enclosed car shipping, open trailer transportation, special luxury and classic car transportation services, and more.

    2. We pick up your car and the vehicle transportation journey starts:

    After you have booked your required auto shipping option, we will pick up your car either from your doorstep (door-to-door services) or from a terminal point at your convenience. And with that your vehicle, be it your precious luxury or a Harley Davidson motorcycle will start off its journey in the able hands of our team of professionals.

    3. Receive The Vehicle To Your Destination:

    With our live tracking feature, you will stay updated about the location of your car or motorcycle at every instant. Once our driver reaches the drop-off location, you or one of your representatives must be present to take the delivery and finally complete the process of auto-vehicle shipping with us.

    Why Should You Transport Your Car and Vehicle With an Auto Shipping Group?

    There are several different auto shipping companies and agencies offering similar vehicle transportation services. What makes us one of the most eminent names in the industry does not only include our impressive and extensive range of services but also our easy payment methods and the professional help we provide our clients. You can take your pick of vehicle transportation service from our amazing transportation alternatives that include closed shipping, open shipping, motorcycle transportation, luxury and classic car auto shipping, and more. As you can see, with us your car will be absolutely safe and well protected and on the off chance that some damage has been experienced, our trailers and trucks are all insured with a minimum value of $ 100,000 that further reassures all our clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Is auto-shipping a vehicle very costly?

    No, you can avail of a wide range of different car shipping alternatives at a very affordable price range that does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can get a free estimated value by calling us at 305-424-8495 or by filling up the online form available on our website.

    2. Is open car auto shipping safe?

    Yes, open car shipping is a very safe choice of vehicle transportation service. While, unlike closed shipping, the trailers are open on three sides, the cars and vehicles are strongly secured and the only exposure they have is to natural elements like sunlight and rain. And the prices are more cost-effective making it one of the most popular auto shipping services at the Auto Shipping Group.

    3. Can I ship an inoperable car?

    Yes, you can ship a vehicle that does not function or cannot be operated anymore. However, there can be extra expenses since a lot of additional tools and equipment are required for the loading and unloading of such vehicles.

    4. Do I need any insurance separately?

    All our trucks and trailers have a minimum insurance coverage of $100,000 so you do not have to get your vehicle insured separately for transporting it with the Auto Shipping Group.