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    Auto Shipping & Car Transportation Services, Los Angeles, CA:

    Los Angeles, One of the most thriving cities on American soil has also been one of the busiest cities in the country. Every year millions of people come here to relocate with certain dreams and aspirations to fulfill. Starting from celebrities dominating Hollywood and the entertainment industry to corporate executives and even students who flock to Los Angels to take their lives to the next level. As you can already guess, this “City of The Angels” could make your dreams come true only if you reach here in time! So if you have been thinking about relocating or permanently residing in Los Angeles you need an auto shipping service to transport your car from your current location to Los Angeles.

    Choose The Trusted Car Transport Company In Los Angeles, CA:

    Relocating to a new city and shifting bases is a time taking process that involves critical attention to detail. Finding a place to live with all the required infrastructure and investing in the same is quite a hefty investment as it is which is why you probably do not want your other assets like your car, motorcycle, boast, etc. to get damaged during the moving period. So if you are looking for a car shipping company that not only guarantees the safety of the vehicle during transportation but also offers the enclosed and open transport services at a pocket-friendly price rate, we are here at your service.

    How Long Does Auto shipping To/From Los Angeles, CA Take?

    It’s a very common question that most of our clients ask us. The time taken to ship a vehicle to or from Los Angeles, California depends on the route chosen by the driver and the distance between the pickup and the drop location. While interstate deliveries or auto shipping between two adjacent states can be completed within just a couple of days, longer distances especially from one coast to another coast could take up to 14 days, owing to the distance that has to be covered. The general target stands at 325 miles a day with a good transport mileage of 3100 miles which ensures that most of our deliveries are fulfilled within a maximum of 10 days. Besides, roadblocks, checkpoints, and the restricted driving hours for car transport trailers and trucks also contribute to the time we take to deliver your car at the right time and at the right address.

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Or From Los Angeles?

    The prices for shipping a vehicle to or from Los Angeles, California, depending on certain factors. The type of service that you choose and the distance between your current location and the new one can impact the overall vehicle shipping cost. Similarly, the rates during the peak seasons often go up due to market trends. If you are concerned about your budget, give us a call at 213-328-6869 and get all your questions answered directly by the experts. You can also get a free quote depending on the facilities you require for auto transporting your car to and from Los Angeles, CA.

    Fast and Reliable Auto Transport Services in Three Easy Steps:

    The process of getting your car shipped to a new location from Los Angeles, CA and vice versa is pretty straightforward and simple. Here’s what you need to do.

    1. Get An Auto Transport Quote And Book Your Order:

    The first and foremost step is to get a clear idea about the services you need from us and get a basic idea about the prices for the same. You can easily get a free quote by putting in your information on our official website and we will provide you with an accurate estimate. Once you know about the expenditure, simply book your order from the same platform itself and we will be there to ship your vehicle to the exact location you want it to be dropped off.

    2. We pick up your car and the vehicle transportation journey start:

    Your responsibility ends with you booking the order for our car shipping services. From there on our professional managers and drivers will take up all your load, starting with picking up your vehicle right from your garage doors! Based on the type of transportation you have chosen for your car, we will transport your four-wheeler in either an open trailer or a closed trailer and ensure that it completes its journey safely and sound.

    3.  Receive The Vehicle To Your Destination:

    The last step of our easy auto-shipping services involves our clients receiving their shipment at the correct address! Sign the papers and your vehicle will be handed over to you in mint condition without a single sign of exposure to natural elements and road debris. And if your car does experience some damage, our insurance policy will protect your interest there as well.

    Why Should You Transport Your Car and Vehicle With Auto Shipping Group? Our Auto Shipping Group has been one of the leading names in the industry and continues to impress our clients with our efficient services, quality performance, and customer service. All of our trailers and carriers are insured and we offer several different types of shipping services, each with its own unique perk. Not only do we guarantee the safety of your car but we also specialize in quick and timely deliveries at the right location without causing any hassles to our


    1. Will my car be picked up from my house?

    Your car will be plucked up from the pickup point which can always be your home or garage since we offer door-to-door services where the vehicle will be picked up and dropped right at your doorstep.

    2. How long will my car take to be shipped?

    The time taken to ship your vehicle depends on the distance between the pick-up and drop location and the route taken to reach the same. Road conditions and other factors can also affect the time taken. However, we cover 325 miles a day to ensure swift and quick deliveries.

    3. How can I know the costs for the auto shipping services?

    If you are concerned about the expenses, hop on to our website and ask for a free quote by entering all the required information. We provide accurate estimates to each of our clients for maximum client satisfaction.

    4. Can an inoperable vehicle be shipped?

    Yes, an inoperable car can be shipped without auto shipping services. However, an additional cost of $150 will be applied due to additional tools required to transport such vehicles.