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    Auto Shipping and Car Transportation Service Chicago, IL

    Chicago, the third largest city in the entire country of the United States Of America, has been the nation’s main residential and commercial hub. The biggest attraction of Chicago is its expansive focal range, which contains neighborhoods, for example, Streeterville, Downtown, River North, Old Town, the Gold Coast, Central Station, and Greek Town among others. With a population of 3 million residents and workers, this city is perfect for anybody and everybody who wants to start afresh. With an abundance of available infrastructures like institutions, skyscrapers and residential complexes the city of Chicago has a lot to offer from all aspects. If you have to move to Chago for whatever reason, you need all the help you can with your move. At the Auto Shipping Group, we are here to serve you by ensuring the safe pick up and delivery of your vehicle to Chicago or from it while you can take care of the other facets of the shifting process.

    Choose A Trusted Car Transport Company In Chicago:

    If you have to relocate for your new career opportunity or simply because you feel Chicago is the right city for your family members, you have a lot of stress on your shoulders. The finances involved with relocation and all the arrangements that you have to make can be a pretty hefty task. This is why when it comes to the transportation of your precious car or two-wheelers you need someone you can trust and depend on. Since you only provide the best, you should be hiring the best team of professionals for the job. Here at the Auto Shipping Group, we always place our clients first and try to cater to each of their individual needs which sets us apart from the rest of the competitors in the industry.

    How Long Does Auto Shipping From/To Chicago?

    While we always try our best to deliver your car or motorcycle as quickly and swiftly as it is possible. That being said, the total time taken for our skilled drivers and professionals to fulfill the order depends on certain factors like the condition of the road as well as the weather and other aspects. Besides, Heavy-duty trailers and truck drivers must follow some rules and regulations that include regular checks and fixed driving hours. By covering an average of 325 miles on a daily basis, we can deliver your car within a couple of days if the distance is short and within a 2-week window for cross-country and inter-coast deliveries.

    How Much Does It Cost To Auto-Ship To/From  Chicago?

    We are honored to serve you and our services are entire to ensure your peace of mind. Therefore how can we not be transparent and direct with our rates and prices? At the Auto Shipping Group, car transportation is not only time-effective but also cost-effective. You can ask for a free estimate after you have chosen the service that you need to get a complete idea about the monetary investment involved in the process. To get your free quote give us a call at 773-453-7272 or simply drop in on our official website and fill in the online form with the details of your pick up and drop location for the same!

    Fast And Reliable Auto Transport Services In 3 Easy Steps:

    1. Get an auto transport quote and book your order:

    Your auto shipping process with our car transportation company starts with receiving a free quote through a phone call or after filling up our online form following which you can go right ahead and book the services you require including your convenience of pick up and drop services.

    2. We pick up your vehicle and your car’s journey with us starts:

    We provide two types of pick-up and drop services. One is from a terminal point to another similar central location and the other is our much-favored door-to-door service. Either way, our drivers and loaders will pick up and load your vehicle safely inside the trailer and secure them with the proper implants to avoid any damage on the road. And your car’s journey to the new destination kick-starts.

    3. Receive the vehicle at the drop location:

    Your car’s auto-shipping experience with us ends at the drop location where either you or your representative must be present for the final handover. So while you are settling down at your new place of living your car will be brought to you exactly how you had left it with us.

    Why Should You Choose Us As The Right Auto Transport Company For Your Cars And Vehicles?

    With so many flourishing establishments currently functioning in the auto shipping and vehicle transportation industry, choosing the right partner is confusing indeed. This is why you should be partnering up with one of the leading names in the field like our car transportation agency. We have an extensive array of services to choose from that gives you the option to choose the right mode of transportation, the best pick up and drop facilities and cut down on the costs significantly. Besides, each of our trailers and carriers is insured and we only hire the most professional staff members for fulfilling your order. This leaves the question, why not us?

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How long will it take to ship my car from/to Chicago?

    If your current location is only a few miles from Chicago, it would take 2 to three days to auto-transport your vehicle to the new location, However, if you are moving in from somewhere far ahead like California, it can take us up to two weeks for the same.

    2. Can I book same-day shipping in times of an emergency?

    Same-day shipping incurs extra expenditures and can only be provided depending on the availability of transportation. However, we are fully equipped to tackle all types of situations and will try our best to provide you with exactly what you need.

    3. Which is better– enclosed auto shipping or open auto shipping?

    While open trailers are more pocket friendly and cost-effective, the level of vehicle security is undeniably more in the case of enclosed shipping services since the trailer is closed and covered from all sides. That being said your car will be equally safe and protected no matter which service you choose and that is our guarantee.

    4. Can I transport more than one vehicle at the same time?

    For multiple vehicle owners, we have trailers that can accommodate around 10 to 12 cars at the same time. So yes you can auto-ship more than one vehicle simultaneously.