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by | Oct 20, 2022 | Auto Transport

When you are shifting bases or transporting a recently purchased car from the showroom to the delivery address of the customer, there are two ways in which you can get the job done— either you drive it yourself or hire an auto transport company to complete the job on your behalf. As you already guess, hiring a vehicle shipping company is undeniably the easier alternative between the two. Auto vehicle shipping agencies have everything your car needs starting from a team of experts to handle the logistics and the maintenance of your vehicle during the process of transportation, to several different services for the clients that suit each individual’s needs and criteria.

While the importance and the advantages of auto-shipping vehicles have been accepted and appreciated by many, one question still remains to be answered— is a local auto transport company better than an organization that plies at a national level? There are certain perks and drawbacks of either of the options which make it very important to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the right auto shippers.

How Do Local Auto Transport Companies Work?

Local auto transport company work at a smaller scale than the national service providers. They usually do not have a fleet of carriers and trailers. Rather they own 2 to 3 vehicle carriers that the owners drive themselves. If it’s a local auto transport agency that has been in the industry for a considerable period of time, it might have a greater number of vehicle trailers but not on the same level as a national auto shipping agency. The employee count is also low which ensures that all the staff members are equally updated and well informed about the different services being offered by the said local car transport company.

One of the biggest challenges that local auto-shipping organizations face is distance. A few hundred kilometers is typically their range and any distance greater than that could pose as a stumbling block. So if you have a long haul or need your car to be delivered at a distant or remote location you will have to make prior bookings and wait for the local auto transport company to schedule the pickup and drop. That being the rates are usually more pocket friendly and on the inexpensive end of the distance and the facilities you want are the typical options by the auto shipping agencies.

How Do National Auto Shipping Companies Work?

National auto shipping companies function on a bigger scale. They have a sufficient number of trailers and carriers that enable quick pick-ups and deliveries. You will not have to wait for weeks or make a super early booking for your vehicle to be delivered within a stipulated period. These agencies are also equipped to travel long distances and the nationwide services ensure that you can transport your beloved car literally anywhere within the country and even to offshore destinations. Moreover, the diversity of the facilities provided by the national auto shipping agencies is much greater than the local car transport companies.

National VS Local Auto Transport Companies — Which Is Better?

Both national and local auto transport agencies have multiple points working in their favor. If you are just relocating to another address within the same city or in a neighboring state, local service providers are the winner because the distance is short and rates are really inexpensive. On the other hand, if it’s a cross-country move and your address is significantly far from your present address, a national auto shipping agency might be better suited for the operation. The following factors will give you a clearer perspective.

Factors to consider before hiring an Auto Transport company:


If the distance that has to be covered for the delivery is more than a few hundred kilometers, a local auto transport company might not have all the provisions required for the fulfillment of the task. That’s why when hiring a car transportation service, you should definitely consider the distance, as well as the location as very remote areas, are harder to reach for the local auto shippers.

The Time:

As mentioned earlier, local car transport companies have considerably less number of carriers and trailers in their positions. The time taken to reach distant and remote sites will be more time-consuming for them as compared to the companies plying at a national scale.

The Costs:

Lastly, check out the rates for the service you want to go for. If it’s a short distance, the cost of hiring a local auto transport company is more feasible. On the other hand, for a longer distance, a national auto shipping establishment would be the smarter choice from the expenditure point of view.




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