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    Three Important Preparation Steps for Auto Transport

    Turn off the Alarm

    An alarm is essential for the safety of the vehicle, and it rings when a thief tries to enter the vehicle or if someone wants to scratch it. When car shipping from Lansing Michigan to New Hampshire, it is important for you to turn off your alarm because if you don’t, it can cause great hassle to your transporter. So you can feel assured about the safety of it during car moving from Lansing Michigan to New Hampshire. At Auto Shipping Group, we always remind our customers to turn off their vehicle’s alarm system to ensure that no delay or damage will happen during transport.

    Wash the Vehicle

    It is highly advisable to clean the vehicle meticulously before car shipping from Lansing Michigan to New Hampshire because it is easy to figure out any dents and scratches. When the vehicle arrives at the destination, the owner of the car is called upon to do an inspection and confirm that the vehicle is without any damage. When a car is clean, you’ll be able to notice any damage, if any, caused during the car moving from Lansing Michigan to New Hampshire process.

    Take out Personal Materials from the Car

    Before car shipping from Lansing Michigan to New Hampshire, you should remove all the personal belongings and car accessories; because they might get damaged during the process of car moving from Lansing Michigan to New Hampshireand the company will not be responsible for the damage or loss of any external things. The only items acceptable in the vehicle during the shipment process are the accessories, which are attached by the vehicle manufacturer and components that are permanently installed. For more details, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269.