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    Factors Affecting Auto Transport Cost that Individuals Should be Aware of

    Did you know that if you are car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Ohio, the cost of that transport is affected by ways most people usually don’t think about? If you are concerned about keeping affordable car moving from Jacksonville Florida to Ohio costs down then you need to know this.

    Car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Ohio rates can be affected and go up if your vehicle had any customization even if it’s just a small one. This tiny aspect is actually a main factor in determining the price of car moving from Jacksonville Florida to Ohio. For example, if your vehicle is lowered closer to the ground then the driver will need to use a lift gate to raise the vehicle so they can prevent any scraping on the bottom. On the other spectrum, lifted or raised vehicles need to be accommodated as well since the auto is taller than the usual standard car.

    Another factor that plays a huge role in the cost of car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Ohio is the weight of the vehicle. This ties into the gas mileage and weigh stations because the driver will have to pay extra taxes on the extra weight of the shipment. If you have any other customizations on your vehicle, then it is very important for you to inform your transport coordinator or broker so they can account for that in your shipping needs. It is always better to let them know ahead of time so there will be no issues during car moving from Jacksonville Florida to Ohio. If you have any of these customizations or ones that were not mentioned, don’t hesitate to let your transport brokers know because they are used to handle all kinds of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a reputable and experienced transport broker, don’t hesitate to call Auto Shipping Group today at (888) 588-1269.