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    Carefully Choose between Open and Enclosed Method for a Successful Transport to Louisiana

    The type of carrier is another major factor that affects the cost of car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Louisiana. You have the option to choose between open trailers and enclosed car carriers. Open trucks are the most cost-effective car moving from Jacksonville Florida to Louisiana option, as they can transport more vehicles per load. One of the biggest issues with this is that this type of carrier leaves your car exposed to the elements. So, there’s a slight chance of damage from road debris and other natural elements but you should not worry for this is almost impossible with Auto Shipping Group.

    The risk of damage is very low and you usually get coverage for any dings, dents, or paint chips that occur during car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Louisiana. It’s also a much safer option than transporting your vehicle using a tow dolly, because it will be securely placed and there’s a lower risk of wear and tear during car moving from Jacksonville Florida to Louisiana.

    If an open trailer is too risky for you, you can also go for an enclosed carrier that will be more expensive since the trucks will get paid to transport few vehicles. Usually, enclosed car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Louisiana will cost you 40-60% more than an open trailer. With a higher cost comes a higher level of service, which is ideal for transporting high-value cars like luxury vehicles and classics. If you think that your treasured vehicle needs double care and attention, then enclosed car moving from Jacksonville Florida to Louisiana is best for you. You can request for a free quote for your shipment at www.autoshippinggroup.com to know the estimated rate you need to pay. Also, if you have questions regarding your shipment, feel free to call (888) 588-1269 and the agents of ASG will attend to your queries.