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    Transporting Oversized Vehicle is Easy and Affordable with Auto Shipping Group

    Another obvious factor that affects the cost of auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Kentucky is the vehicle type. It will determine its size and weight, which the carrier has to take into consideration for efficient and accurate planning. There are safety restrictions on how much weight a trailer can carry. Heavier vehicles like SUVs and trucks use up more of the weight limitation, meaning the carrier will have to reduce the number of vehicles it can carry for that trip. As such, heavier vehicles will cost more when car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Kentucky.

    Similarly, some vehicles that are longer than average will take up more than one space inside the trailer. The carrier will have to make necessary adjustments to optimize the use of space. Since there are more logistics involved in transporting larger vehicles, you can expect a slightly higher rate for your auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Kentucky. Considering all this, vehicle modifications that affect size and weight will play a major role in determining the actual cost of car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Kentucky.

    Besides size and weight, there’s also the fact that some vehicles need better service and care during auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Kentucky. The carrier has to pay closer attention to luxury vehicles and classics and may have to make special adjustments to transport them. This also calls for a higher transporting cost. If you have an oversized vehicle you want to ship, worry not for Auto Shipping Group will give you an affordable price for your car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Kentucky. You can visit www.autoshippinggroup.com and fill out the quote form to get your estimated rate. If you have questions or concerns regarding vehicle shipment, you can call our agents at (888) 588-1269 and they will gladly assist you.