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    Enclosed Auto Transport: What I Should Know about the Service

    Enclosed auto transport is also known as covered shipping. In this particular type of transportation, your car usually goes inside a fully enclosed trailer. This means that the carrier not only protects your vehicle from various potentially harmful road and environmental elements but also helps to keep them private and free from attention when on the highway while auto shipping from Columbia South Carolina to Arkansas. It is quite a popular means of auto transport from Columbia South Carolina to Arkansas ideal with sports, classic, luxury, and high-end vehicles. Perhaps this is why the costs involved when using enclosed transport are significantly higher than the open shipping alternative.

    Enclosed auto transport from Columbia South Carolina to Arkansas uses covered trailers which protect your car from weather and road elements while open carriers leave your vehicle exposed. Enclosed carriers are in most cases a slower service with less carrying capacity while open bearers are faster and capable of moving more cars. Enclosed trailers are exclusive for auto shipping from Columbia South Carolina to Arkansas unique and expensive vehicles while open trailers are more affordable for different car models.

    Types of enclosed auto transport

    There is usually a variety of types of enclosed trucks in the market. The difference between these, there could be a result with the shapes of the carriers involved, the materials that the carriers are made of and the number of car spots available in the trailers. This, therefore, ends up with:


    • Soft or hard sided carriers – the soft-sided carriers are of course less safe compared to the hard sided carriers.
    • A single/two or a multi-car trailer – In a single/two car trailer only one or two cars can be transported at a time.


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