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    What Factors Delay Your Shipment and What You Can Do to Prevent it

    The amount of time it takes for pickup varies based on a number of factors, including the season, traffic, and weather. Early preparation will help your car shipping from Colorado Springs to Washington experience go smoother. Try to choose a place to meet your driver that will be easy for a truck to access and navigate. Your drop off location can also help or hurt the car moving from Colorado Springs to Washington time.

    If the route that your transporter must take is not well travelled or if they aren’t suitable for a truck, there may be delays or detours which will make your car shipping from Colorado Springs to Washington longer. Make sure you follow all of the preparations before your shipper arrives. This will keep the car moving from Colorado Springs to Washington process smoothly. The driver will need to inspect the vehicle on both pick-up and delivery. Point out anything you think they should be aware of or any additional instructions they may need.

    The time it takes to complete your car shipping from Colorado Springs to Washington process is also largely dependent on the length of the move. Nearby moves can be completed in a day or two, while cross-country moves take a bit longer. Delivery details will be coordinated between you and the driver as the delivery date approaches. Make sure you explain to the transporter any of the concerns, or special instructions you have for your vehicle’s shipment. That way, when they arrive to pick up your vehicle, there aren’t any adjustments that need to make last minute. So, those are the things you need to do to lessen or prevent having delayed car moving from Colorado Springs to Washington. In case you want to know more tips for your shipment, visit or call (888) 588-1269.