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    Step by Step Guidelines from for Preparing You Vehicle for Transport from Auto Shipping Group

    Once you have chosen a car shipping company and method of car shipping from Colorado Springs to Texas, you are going to need to prepare your vehicle to be shipped to another state on a trailer. First, you should do a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. You may be asking why? Because you want to have documentation of what your vehicle looks like in its very best condition before it gets loaded onto the carrier. That way, if there are any scratches, dings, scuffs, cracks, or what-have-you, you have an evidence to support your claim of damage during car moving from Colorado Springs to Texas. After you have done a deep wash, buff, and clean, be sure to take pictures of your vehicle for your records.

    Next is an important factor that could help you with your car shipping from Colorado Springs to Texas price; you need to empty your gas tank to about a quarter-full. This will give the vehicle enough fuel to get from the trailer to its new home without making a stop at a gas station along the way. For the company, having about a quarter tank of gas also helps to reduce the payload on the truck as it executes the car moving from Colorado Springs to Texas process.

    Once you’ve emptied some gas from your vehicle, it’s time to remove your personal belongings from your interior and trunk. Extra items can weigh down your auto, and worse, they’re never insured in a shipping company’s insurance plan. Also, if this vehicle is a gift, you don’t want to be leaving important documents in it before you send it off for car shipping from Colorado Springs to Texas. The final thing you must do is hand over your keys to your transporter. He or she will need them in order to load and unload your vehicle on the trailer. Those are the procedures you need to follow to prepare your automobile for car moving from Colorado Springs to Texas. In case you need more guides or tips for your shipment, call Auto Shipping Group at (888) 588-1269.