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    Enclosed or Open Transport: Whatever it is, Auto Shipping Group Can Proficiently do it

    As you are searching for the right company for your auto transport from Colorado Springs to South Carolina, you’re going to want to consider the two types of car shipping carriers: enclosed and open bearer. Going enclosed protects your vehicle with four walls, a roof, and a floor on a freight truck. Open transport on the other hand moves it without the enclosure. Which one you choose depends on your automobile and your auto shipping from Colorado Springs to South Carolina needs.

    Nearly 97% of all vehicles shipped in the United States are shipped via open shipment. Statistically, open auto transport from Colorado Springs to South Carolina has proven to be nearly as safe for your vehicle as an enclosed transport. The rule of thumb for deciding which way to transport your car to another state is that if you are unsure, then you should probably just go with open transport. This auto shipping from Colorado Springs to South Carolina method is generally good for your vehicle as well as for your budget. However, if you have an expensive sports car or any luxurious vehicle, you can also consider settling with an enclosed transport.

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    Shipping vehicles for almost 4 decades now made ASG the company they are today. Without that long experience, they won’t make it to the top. Individuals that are in need of auto transport from Colorado Springs to South Carolina services hire Auto Shipping Group to efficiently attend to their needs. They are highly reliable and professional when it comes to their service which satisfies their clients. On-schedule, affordable and smooth auto shipping from Colorado Springs to South Carolina service is all they offer. If you book with them for your request, you will undeniably enjoy a great sense of peace of mind and your spending limit will also be considered. In case you wish to know more about them, visit or call (888) 588-1269 for all facts about them are posted there. Do not hesitate and get in touch with them now.