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    Things to Do in order to Prevent Filing Damage Claims

    Most vehicle shipping companies do not cover damages for your vehicle’s interior during auto shipping from Charlotte North Carolina to Iowa, so it’s best to reduce this risk by removing any loose items from the vehicle before you hand over your keys. By removing gadgets, loose change and other items, you reduce the risk of items breaking the interior part of your vehicle during car shipping from Charlotte North Carolina to Iowa.

    Execute a Thorough Pre-Inspection

    The shipping company will perform a thorough vehicle inspection before they accept it and start the auto shipping from Charlotte North Carolina to Iowa process. You should try to be present during the inspection, as they will make notes of existing damage: you can take photos too. These documents help to support your claim in case your vehicle get harmed on car shipping from Charlotte North Carolina to Iowa.

    Check and Sign a Bill of Lading 

    When your vehicle is delivered, you will be asked to sign a Bill of Lading, which is basically a condition report. Check the vehicle properly, including the undercarriage and the engine. By signing on the Bill of Lading, you complete the transfer and waive the company’s liability. Once you have submitted the documents, you can speak to your auto transport insurance company or to the auto transportation company about reimbursement for any damage acquired during the whole procedure of auto shipping from Charlotte North Carolina to Iowa. In case you need more information about how to have successful car shipping from Charlotte North Carolina to Iowa, contact Auto Shipping Group at (888) 588-1269. They are very much experienced about the process and they are highly capable of providing you the perfect service for you as well as for your vehicle.