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    Helping you Decide between Enclosed Transport and Open Shipping Options

    Auto transport from Bridgeport Connecticut to Colorado businesses will put cars on either an open or enclosed carriers, as you specify. Enclosed trailers protect your vehicle from outside elements during auto shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Colorado. Enclosed carriers also range in size and capacity. They’re either the box van variety or have cloth sides that can be taken up during loading and unloading. The cloth sided ones make it easier for the transportation driver to undue the security straps which hold the vehicle as well as making it easier to see what cars are on the transport carrier.

    What benefits does Enclosed transport provides:

    The vehicle being in an enclosed environment eliminates potential hail, road debris and vandalism damages during auto transport from Bridgeport Connecticut to Colorado. Many times the car will also be covered with a tarp while it is in the trailer, too. This will protect it from fluids leaking from other cars in the trailer. Fluids do not normally leak but sometimes things of this nature do occur. Enclosed auto shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Colorado is more expensive than shipping a vehicle on an open trailer and is generally used for antiques, exotic cars or fine luxury automobiles.

    Open auto transport from Bridgeport Connecticut to Colorado is much more common than the enclosed variety. The main reason is delivery price. Shipping a car on open transport carriers is generally between $300 to 700 less expensive in price, depending on the locations involved. If your car is being transported from coast to coast it will probably go on a 10-car transport carrier trailer, but for shorter trips it may go on a 3-car trailer. For more details about auto shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Colorado,visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.