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    Understanding your Choice when Selecting between Open and Enclosed Transport

    Open carriers do not protect your vehicle from the elements like rain, dust, sun, snow and hail but it doesn’t mean that your vehicle is at risk. Damages are rare, but they can occur when the car shipping from Boise Idaho to Minnesota process is not done correctly. If you choose a company like us Auto Shipping Group, your vehicle is in great hands. Our experts strive to deliver our loads to their final destination in great condition. They go to great lengths to strap and pack their carrier to secure their cargo, reduce mobility and vibration during car moving from Boise Idaho to Minnesota.

    Open Transport is Affordable

    Because we can fit more vehicles on an open trailer, this lowers the cost of car shipping from Boise Idaho to Minnesota.  So even though there is a risk when you subject a vehicle to exposure from the elements, most people are willing to take the small risk to save a considerable amount of money. It is also the fastest car moving from Boise Idaho to Minnesota options. An open carrier can typically transport between 8 to 10 vehicles at once depending on how much room each car, truck, RV or SUV takes up on the bearer.

    In enclosed car shipping from Boise Idaho to Minnesota, your vehicle is placed inside a covered truck. The vehicle you are transporting is protected from all the elements. Many people moving high end and classic cars choose enclosed auto shipping. An enclosed bearer cannot move as many cars as an open trailer can, so it costs more to move each vehicle. Fewer than 3% of all carriers on the road are enclosed trucks, therefore, it is also harder to schedule as opposed to open car moving from Boise Idaho to Minnesota. If you are having a hard time picking between the two options, visit for more guides that can help you choose the method which suits your needs. Also, you can directly call ASG at (888) 588-1269 and get to talk with our amazing agents to understand more about the shipping process.