When is it the Right Time for Car Transport New York to Florida?

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Vehicle Transportation

Car transport from New York to Florida entails passing through routes with heavy traffic.  The reason behind these trafficked routes is the bi-annual migration taking place between NY to Florida. It is often termed as snowbird migration. The snowbird is folks who visit the South during winters to avoid the cold. Additionally, on the arrival of the spring, the snowbirds head towards North.

Apart from summer, the snowbird season’s end and beginning are the busiest times for car shipping. You can wonder what the role of car transport companies is when you can ship them yourself. It often depends upon where you are driving from New York and where you want to head in Florida.  The distance can be extremely long, measuring up to somewhere between 1,000 to 1,400 miles. Thus, you have to drive 20 to 22 hours on your own! To avoid this expensive and exhausting ride, you can seek the services of expert auto shippers for car transport from NY to Florida.

You’ll learn that shipping cars from NY to Florida can save money and time for you over the years. Also, it protects your vehicles from unnecessary wear and tears. It is safer to transport your cars rather than driving 1,100+ miles on your own.

However, you must be aware of the appropriate time to ship your cars from NY to Florida. The busiest time to transport your vehicle between NY and Florida is – late March, early April, and October. Typically, you will end up paying high shipping rates during these times. In case you are a snowbird who is willing to avoid premium rates and avoid the rush, you can ship your car during September. Plus, you can ship your car in late or mid-April.

Moreover, the easiest way to transport your car is to contact an auto shipping Michigan company. Additionally, you can work with an auto shipping company that can ship cars or provide snowbird car shipping services.

Auto-shipping Michigan companies are renowned for shipping your luxury cars and trucks over the years. Besides, car shipping companies can transport your SUVs safely from one place to another.  It would help if you had a licensed auto carrier and transport broker who has trustworthy partnerships with car shipping companies. Experts strive to make the process of car shipping stress-free and smooth. Besides, through incredible consumer services, they provide constant communication from the very beginning till the end.

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