What Should You Know About Car Shipping Rates?

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Auto Transport

If you are looking for car shipping in Texas, then one of the first things you need to find is car shipping rates. Various factors affect the pricing of the shipment, in this case, your precious vehicle.

Details of America Auto Transport – things that you must know

  1. Open transport is the cheapest – Compared to enclose shipping, open transport costs substantially less – there is a difference of about $400 between them. If you have classic, antique or luxury cars, you might prefer to go ahead with classic car shipping, even though classic car shipping pricing is higher than open and enclosed shipping.
  2. Longer the distance, the higher the shipping cost. The distance between the starting point and the endpoint determines the price too. It is because of the rising fuel prices.
  3. The size of the vehicle being transported also influences the shipping cost. In other words, the bigger the vehicle, the higher will be the shipping cost.
  4. Time and season – These two factors also play a crucial role in determining the shipping costs. When the environmental factors are favorable, the cost is less and vice versa. So if you hire a Denver auto shipping company to ship your car in winters, you might end up paying considerably less than what you pay during summers.
  5. Shipping prices are calculated through bids. If you are not aware of how the car shipping costs are calculated, you must research a bit to find out details. It is through a complex bidding process that the shipping prices get fixed. When you ask for a quote through your car shipping company, the shipping carriers bid on the shipment. The lowest bid gets selected, and eventually, the carrier is hired.
  6. Shipping rates can fluctuate. The entire gamut of car shipping from Texas to other parts of the country is based on a demand and supply model. And, there is a bidding process involved too. When the demand for a carrier is less, you will get a lower rate than when a carrier’s demand is high. So, on a day-to-day basis, the shipping charges might fluctuate.
  7. Extra services offered by the shipping company impact the price too. If the shipping company insures your car or requests quick deliveries, shipping charges will be comparatively higher.
  8. Regional factors – If your car has to be shipped from or to a rural area, the charges could be higher than normal similarly, if the shipping route has a likelihood of jams and closures, the shipping charges will be impacted.

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