What should I take care of when I took my car with Atlanta auto shipping?

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Auto Transport

When you book an auto shipping company for Atlanta auto shipping, you need to remember a couple of things. For example, you need to show the car documents to the shipping company – the vehicle registration document and a valid insurance certificate are mandatorily required. These two documents are proofs for the auto shipping company and the authorities on the way. During checks at the toll plazas or on the highway, when the trucks are stopped for inspections, the papers prove that you are the vehicle owner.

So, you need to keep your documents ready. The other important documentation that must mandatorily ensure is the inspection report. It is a note prepared by the auto shipping company when the car is either delivered to them at the dock or collected from your doorstep. The document is a detailed one designed by a credible assessor who inspects the vehicle and makes notes of the automobile’s exact condition, even noting a scratch or a minor bruise. The document is then signed by the representative of the auto-shipping company and the owner or his formal representatives. The same inspection report is referred to when the car reaches the destination and just before being handed back to the owner. It is when both parties can detect if the vehicle has been damaged or not during transportation.

You or your representatives must be present during the inspection before starting the journey and reaching the destination.

The car papers and the inspection report are very important documents. Beyond that, car owners need to make sure that the shipping company is genuine and has all of their papers in place. Some of the documents that your need to check and verify before booking for car shipping to Houston are:

  • The license and the registration papers from the Department of Transport.
  • The registration papers from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

It is important first to check that the papers are in place. Secondly, check the registration numbers online, at the government websites, to verify that everything is in order and that there have been no complaints or issues registered against the auto shipper. It is important to take care of these aspects, even if they look quite non-descriptive and of little essence upfront. Make sure that you ask your auto-shipper to give you references so that you can do a quick check about the company’s reputation. Reading online reviews at the company website and neutral third-party sites is also advised.

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