What Factors to Consider When Hiring Baton Rouge Car Shipping Company?

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One important aspect of relocation is about getting your automobiles shifted to the new city. Two things need to be kept in mind – one, some people think that the car can be shifted along with other household items; two, some think that they can drive down the car from one place to another. Either way, both the decisions are not right. While in the former, it is a big mistake because auto shipping is a different ball game than moving your regular household items. In the latter case, remember that the decision is going to be an expensive option; not to forget that the journey is going to be strenuous for you and your car, both and could prove to be a big risk.

In a nutshell, when moving to Baton Rouge, ensure that you book a credible auto shipping company for Baton Rouge car shipping. What are the typical attributes that a good auto shipper has?

  1. The car transport company must be licensed and registered with the DOT. In case you are moving interstate, the registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a must. And, in case moving internationally the company should be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission. You can cross-check the registration numbers online at the respective federal websites.
  2. Credibility and reputation. Once you are sure that the company is failsafe, check on the feedback. It is always a good idea to ask for references from the auto shipper. You can also take the help of the digital medium to quickly check online reviews and testimonials. Use the auto shipper’s site as well as third-party sites.
  3. Is the auto shipper expert in shipping your kind of vehicle? For car transport to Houston, you need to first ask the auto shipper if they the experience to transport the kind of car you have. This becomes critical when the vehicle you have is of a specialized type. For example, it could be a yacht that you wish to auto transport. Or, a luxury car, a vintage car, a heavy-weight vehicle like trucks, etc.
  4. What type of services the auto shipper provides? Some auto shipping companies offer door-to-door transport only. Or they suggest closed carrier shipping only. This is because both of these methods are safer and keeps your vehicle protected from external weather conditions. However, both of these methods are expensive. Others offer all types of services – dock-to-dock and open carrier shipping. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each method before making a choice.
  5. Costs. A common complaint amongst customers is that auto shippers quote one rate but charge higher rates. To prevent this ensure that everything is contracted and agreed in writing. Also when you read reviews, check for ethical and transparent dealing.

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