Top 10 Auto Transport Questions and Answers

by | May 20, 2021 | Auto Transport

Let’s take a look at the major questions that will ensure that you contact a reliable company.

  1. How long should auto transport take?

Four key aspects can impact the shipping times. They are as follows:

  • Route distance

The delivery of your vehicle is going to take a long time if the route is long. Once your car is picked up, if your new destination is located within a few hundred miles, the shipping process will take only a day or two. Transporting a car across a country can take anywhere between five or seven days.

  • Location

Two locations can affect the time of a shipping process, and they are as follows:

  1. Where is your car being picked up?
  2. Where the car has to be delivered?

If the locations mentioned above are in or around a metropolitan area or an interstate, your vehicle shipping process will be easy and quick. By contrast, if these locations are in or around a rural or remote area, the auto shipping process can take a long time. The dispatch team can face major trouble while scheduling the truck to enter the remote locations.

  • Vehicle type

In some vehicles, the dispatch team has to find an appropriate team or truck to ship the vehicle. For example, in a large vehicle like a dually truck or a commercial cargo van, the process will take longer. If you own a rare or an expensive vehicle like a Lamborghini or a classic car, you’ll have to look for an enclosed truck with a driver who is specialized in carrying the precious vehicles.

  • Time of year

If you’re willing to get your car transported at the beginning of fall or late spring, it’s observed as a peak season for the transport companies. Consequently, you can vehicle will be transported sooner as several trucks are going back and forth. However, if you want to transport your car during winter, it can take a long time.

How does the auto transport process work?

The auto transport process commences by reaching out to a potential consumer. During that communication phase, a representative from the auto transport team will enquire about a few details. A customer will be asked about the following details:

  • The consumers starting destination
  • Ultimate destination
  • Specific details about the consumer’s car. The representative will ask the consumer about his/her car’s color, manufacturing year, model, year, and estimated value.
  • The consumer will be informed about the specific handling instructions. He/she will be asked whether they want their vehicle carried via a closed container or an open-air transport.

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