The Real Insight Of Door To Door Auto Transport

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Auto Transport

Like a cab service, what if you get pick-up and drop-off auto transport service to relocate your expensive vehicle from one state to another or city to city? Somewhere like door-to-door pizza delivery, you’re expecting the door-to-door auto transport so that you won’t have to; take a leave from your office or pause your favorite tv program for an hour, to handover your vehicle to an experienced auto haulers hand. That almost sounds convenient,  isn’t it?

Well, your wish to door-to-door auto transport gets fulfilled, but to a certain expect because the real scenario is not exactly the same. As the name sounds, ‘door-to-door, it doesn’t imply to pick up and drop off your vehicle right to your door but close to your stated location.

How Close Will Auto Haulers Deliver To Your Residence?

What actually happens is that an auto transport carrier is supposed to get as close possible to your stated door. That ‘close’ could mean within a mile or two from your location. You can find it far, but that really makes sense when you understand the reason behind. You see the size of the auto carrier is really huge, almost 5 times of a car and taxi. Most auto transporters carry 5 to10 vehicles in a lot which require extra space to take a turn back. Taking a turn with such huge carrier sometimes not possible in most residential places because it might block the whole road which makes the traveler suffer.

Door To Door Auto Transport

What Is The Concern Of Car Transporter?

Aside from making a turnaround in a small space, there are some legitimate issues that might affect a driver’s ability to meet you in your neighborhood. Starting with, the auto hauler is concerned about:

  • Low hanging branches of the trees which can damage the cars loaded on the top shelf of the carrier
  • Steep hills and mountainous area don’t allow for safe loading/unloading of vehicles and also too dangerous to pass such a huge auto delivery truck.
  • Military base routes require security checks which consume all day for the auto hauler to clear the inspection process.
  • Low bridges sometimes not provide enough space or may not be able to bear the weight of auto transport trucks and banned the entry.

These are just a few issues which auto transportation company experience from time to time and avoid door-to-door auto transportation nearby these areas. All auto transporters would prefer that your vehicle transportation experience be as convenient as possible, but sometimes there are situations out of their control and you have to compromise.

What Is The Real Process To Door To Door Auto Transport?

After an auto transportation company assigns your vehicle to a carrier, he will first:

  • Assigns your vehicle to a carrier
  • Instruct the driver to pick up and deliver as close as possible
  • Hauler will locate your address on devices like Google Maps or similar
  • Search for a large nearby place where he can safely park his truck to unload your vehicle securely
  • He gives a call to the vehicle owner and shared his location so that he can handover the charge

The best part of door-to-door auto transport is that it at least drop-off your vehicle to your nearby safe place securely and on promised time. What else you could wish for the safe arrival of your vehicle. This is the best you can ever have for your vehicle. Get it to have peace of mind!

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