Military Vehicle Shipping Service Across the United States

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Auto Transport

Individuals working in the defense system, whether as an officer in the different forces or any other capacity get transferred from one base to another pretty often. And when changing bases they have to move their personal belongings including cars and motorcycles. On the other hand, the military makes frequent purchases of different types of vehicles and automobiles ranging from SUVs for the officials to heavy-duty trucks and carriers that have to be transported to their point of operation all across the nation. For both of these purposes, military car shipping services are your ultimate savior. These cars that have to be shipped off to almost any location in the country require special treatment owing to the features that could be installed for specific reasons. Military car shipping is a different ballgame which is why you need to have a comprehensive idea of military shipping vehicles across the country.

What Is Military Car Shipping?

Popularly known as military auto transport, military car shipping is easily one of the easiest and safest methods of moving specially equipped military vehicles from one location to another. This service can only be availed by those individuals who have served their time in the military in the past or at present. Both retired and active members of the different armed forces can get the benefits of this particular facility which could make the entire shifting process a lot simpler and hassle-free.

Military shipping vehicles across the country are not just limited to the mainland. Transportation to offshore locations like the Virgin Islands and places like Hawaii could become a little tricky if your chosen auto transport agency does not offer military shipping facilities. So before you decide to partner up with an auto shipping agency, you must check out their past performances in military vehicle shipping and make an informed choice.

Why Do You Need Military Vehicle Shipping?

There are some acronyms that you will come across while booking a military car shipping service for your vehicles. These abbreviations stand for shifting your vehicle and are vital for selecting the right mode of transportation and delivery. The prices can also vary depending on the service you need.

CONUS — Continental USA
OCONUS — Outside Continental USA
POV — Privately Owned Vehicle
PDS — Permanent Duty Station
PCS — Permanent Change of Stations.

Whether you need to relocate to a permanent station or you are moving your car that is not provided to you by the military could make a difference in the benefits and transportation procedure, simply because of the nature of the move. On the other hand, your transfer could be at a site on the mainland of the United States of America or somewhere offshore. As you can see, you will need the help of an agency for military vehicle shipping across the country for all of these occasions.

How Does Military Car Shipping Work?

The process involved with military car shipping is fairly simple and alike to any other auto transportation booking. You must do your research and partner up with a service provider who has the expertise required to transport your defense automobiles timely, and safely, and drop them at the base without unnecessary delays.

Those working in the military usually get their orders well before in advance which gives them sufficient time to prepare for the move. Therefore, once you have your transfer order, you should start the process of booking a military vehicle shipping company without further delay. If it’s a private car that you need to move you should check for the benefits you are entitled to and see if there are any additional discounts that you could use to your advantage. The Transportation Office or TO should be able to help you with these aspects of the move. Depending on whether you can or cannot get government funding, you should go for an agency that fits your budget and focus on the more important matters while your car gets shipped to the required location without giving you any stress.

Military Car Shipping Costs and Advantages:

The price rates are probably the most important when talking about the advantages of military car shipping. You can get amazing discounts that could be as much as 10% if you are an active or a retired member of the military because you have served your country and you deserve the reduced rates for putting your life on the line. However, that’s not all. If it’s a Permanent Change of Station ( pcs) order, your car could also be funded by the government, meaning that you would only have to pay the amount if you are transporting multiple vehicles.



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