How to Choose the Best Auto Transport Company in Texas?

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Auto Transportation

An auto transport company offers to transport automobiles from one place to another. They choose the close air and open-air carrier methods to ship from one point to another.  Whether you want to move your vehicle to a new place or you are willing to relocate your residence, the auto-shipping companies can ship your vehicles safely at affordable rates.  With the presence of numerous auto transport companies, transporting your cars isn’t a challenge more.  To get your vehicle delivered successfully and in a hassle-free manner, several auto shipping companies are out there. You go to choose the right one.  Before choosing the best auto transport company for shipping your vehicle, you should note the following points:

  • What is the company’s status of authorization by FMCSA and license status with DOT?

Authorization is essential along with MC number by FMCSA from all brokers and carriers before they are allowed to transport vehicles. From the list of options, you are required to choose the MC # to search about the company’s license status. The company’s whose MC number produces results stating “Not Authorized” in red font on search should not be allowed to transport your car.

  • Determine the duration of their operation

Many carriers, along with brokers, have arrived and left within a short period. In most cases, the companies with a poor online presence and bad reputation are seen to commence a new company under a different name. It has become ubiquitous, as the new companies within this industry aren’t specialized in transporting vehicles. They often issue price quotes with the help of an online quote generator. Here, the base prices are decided as per the mileage rather than the business’s knowledge and industrial trend.

Choosing one of these companies will jeopardize the shipping process, as you can end up hearing the worst stories. In most scenarios, they’ll start demanding extra money for completing the entire process. Thus, it is recommendable to consult an auto shipping company that can provide you with satisfying service.

  • Have you read the customer reviews on Google?

Many independent and reliable review sites are present online for answering your queries. You must avoid reading reviews on sites specialized in auto transport industries as some of the auto companies are paid members of such sites. You can read reviews on Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Moving Feedback on any car transport company. Besides, you can check more online reviews to know how the auto transport companies handle problems that can arise while undertaking the process.

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