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    Procedures You Should Do During and After Pick-up and Delivery

    You should be able to get a 3-day window for pick-up – during the busy summer or snow bird season the window may be larger, but the car transport company should warn you of possible delays ahead of time. Be skeptical of exact pick-up and delivery dates promised by car transport companies when booking your car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Kentucky request. If you are promised exact dates, get it in writing and state the remedy if service is not performed in the promised dates. Once pick-up is made, your car transport company should provide you with a fairly precise delivery date. If you need an exact date for pick-up, most car moving from Beverly Massachusetts to Kentucky services can pick-up your car and hold it at a terminal for an additional charge.

    During Delivery

    After the car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Kentucky and your vehicle is successfully delivered to you, inspect it slowly and carefully compare the condition and mileage against the “inspection report” provided by your company. If there are inconsistencies, note them as exceptions and be sure the driver signs it. Try not to accept your vehicle at night if you can’t fully verify its condition – without being viewed and signed by the driver, you have little recourse if damage had occurred during car moving from Beverly Massachusetts to Kentucky.

    If Damage Occurs

    The majority of transport experiences are worry-free, with your damage-free vehicle arriving at the estimated time. On occasion, a vehicle may become damaged in car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Kentucky. If this should happen, note all damage on your inspection report, obtain the driver’s signature, and contact your transport company. They should then work with you to reimburse you for verifiable damage done to your car during car moving from Beverly Massachusetts to Kentucky. In case you still need more guides about your shipment, contact us Auto Shipping Group at (888) 588-1269 and visit our website