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    The Basics about the Two Types of Enclosed Transport Carriers

    The enclosed trucks that are used for auto shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Iowa is often the same size as an open car trailer, however, the enclosing walls means fewer vehicles can fit into the same space. An enclosed trailer typically carries no more than 5 or 7 vehicles, whereas an open trailer can carry as many as 10 for a single car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Iowa. There are also two-car and one-car enclosed trailers, but these tend to be used for very expensive, rare, or antique vehicles. There are two further distinctions:

    Hard-sided trailers look like a standard moving company truck as they have solid walls made of metal or fiberglass. Vehicles transported inside are provided with the ultimate protection throughout the entire auto shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Iowa process. On the other hand, soft-sided trucks have hard shells on the front, back, and top, but the sides are covered with a soft canvas. The level of protection is not quite as good but they’re more economical because they weigh less and take up less space. However, regardless of what type of trailer you get, we will provide you a safe and hundred percent secured car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Iowa,

    How Much Does It Cost?

    An enclosed car transport tends to be more expensive than standard auto shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Iowa method. There are several reasons for the increase in price. There are fewer enclosed haulers providing a service which means increased demand. Fewer cars can be transported using an enclosed trailer so the overall cost is divided between fewer customers. You can expect to pay at least one third more for enclosed car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Iowa. Though, you can definitely say that the added cost is totally worth it for the service you will experience. So, book now for an enclosed vehicle transport with Auto Shipping Group. Call them now at (888) 588-1269 and request for a free quote.