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Auto Shipping Group allows you the convenience of delivering your car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, or fleet vehicle to a different location without the hassle and extra costs of driving it yourself. You will save long hours and additional mileage by having us ship your vehicle.

Auto Shipping Group offers a wide range of solutions for our clients as each auto shipment is unique. Our knowledgeable staff has the experience and well-developed logistics to get your vehicle transported anywhere you need it to be. We have earned our top rated reputation for consistency and quality care during every step of the auto shipping process.

From classic cars to valuable company fleet vehicles, we get it where you need itโ€”efficiently and safely. Your vehicle will be tracked during the progression of your shipment by your assigned auto shipping consultant and the status of your vehicle will be updated as circumstances warrant.

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Worked with Arnold to Ship my Chevy from Michigan to Vegas. Everything went smooth from start to completion. He was very good at explaining the details about the process so there were now surprises. I will recommend them to my friends as well.
JJ Smith

This is my second time transporting a vehicle with Adam and Auto Shipping Group and the service was still fast and professional. Communication is great and I’d come back any time I need a transport. I’ve already recommended to a friend who will be using ASG in the near future. Thank you!
Adam Spafford

We looked at many companies and ultimately chose ASG to transport our 2 vehicles to Texas. They did a great job and even helped get updates from the driver to keep us posted. Arnold was very responsive and prompt to return calls. Cars arrived in perfect condition.
Trail Blazer

Methods we use to transport vehicles

Open Carrier Vehicle Shipping Service

Auto Shipping Group offers a dependable open carrier vehicle shipping service, ensuring a seamless transportation experience for customers. Their cost-effective solution is ideal for moving vehicles across various distances. Operating through a vast network of reputable carriers, Auto Shipping Group guarantees the safe transit of automobiles, motorcycles, and other vehicles. These open carriers are designed to accommodate multiple vehicles, providing an environmentally friendly and budget-conscious option.ย  Clients can easily track their shipment’s progress, staying informed at every stage. Whether relocating or selling a vehicle to a distant buyer, Auto Shipping Group’s open carrier service offers peace of mind and convenience, making vehicle transportation a hassle-free endeavor.

Open Carrier Vehicle Shipping Service
Enclosed Car Shipping Service

Enclosed Car Shipping Service

We provide a secure and reliable enclosed vehicle shipping service that ensures the utmost protection for valuable automobiles. With an emphasis on safety and protection, their enclosed carriers shield vehicles from various weather conditions, road debris, and potential damage during transit. This premium service is particularly suited for luxury, classic, or high-value vehicles, offering peace of mind to owners who seek extra care and safeguarding during transportation.ย  For those seeking top-tier protection and peace of mind for their cherished vehicles, Auto Shipping Group’s enclosed vehicle shipping service stands as a trusted and reliable choice.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping Service

Auto Shipping Group offers a convenient door-to-door car shipping service, simplifying the vehicle transportation process for customers. With this service, the company arranges for the vehicle to be picked up from the customer’s specified location and delivered directly to the desired destination. By eliminating the need for customers to drop off or pick up their vehicles at terminals, door-to-door car shipping saves time and effort. Auto Shipping Group’s reliable network of carriers ensures a smooth and timely delivery, providing peace of mind to clients throughout the entire shipping journey. This service is designed to offer a hassle-free experience, making vehicle transportation a stress-free endeavor for all customers.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping Service

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