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    What to Expect about the Pick-up andLoading Process

    On pick up, the auto transport driver assigned to your car shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Oregonorder should conduct a full walk around vehicle inspection check recording any damage, dents or dings your car may have. The record will be made on a bill of lading invoice sheet. This is sometimes referred to as the vehicle inspection report which is required for car moving from St. Paul Minnesota to Oregon processes. A copy of this document would be handed to the person releasing the vehicle.


    The driver would then load your car onto the open trailer.If the auto is inoperable, a winch would be needed to load your vehicle otherwise the driver would simply drive your car onto the trailer. Your vehicle would then be strapped down by the wheelbase to the frame of the trailer making sure that it’s secured and its spot. This is done to stabilize the car down as the road can get rather bumpy sometimes during car shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Oregon. Once the loading is complete, the driver will then start the car moving from St. Paul Minnesota to Oregon process.

    Quality Transport

    It should not matter how cheap car shipper you are able to get service for. Any auto transport company working for you should provide the best care possible. Like any other car shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Oregonservice, open transport can be booked and reserved on availability due to truck space and route accessibility. The more time in advance you book, the lower your car shipping cost could be as you will allow your auto transport agent more time to find you the lowest price for car moving from St. Paul Minnesota to Oregon.If you wish to learn more about auto transport, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269.