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    Step by Step Process of Preparing Your Ride for Shipment

    Give your vehicle a wash

    It may sound apparent, but you should know that washing your vehicle before car shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Georgia is not just to remove the grime and filth. One major reason for cleaning the vehicle is to discover if there are any bumps or dings on the body before the car moving from St. Paul Minnesota to Georgia process started. You should clean it and document all the damages in manner of taking a photo of them and showing to the auto transport guys when they come for the pickup. This is to avoid any disputes in case of damages when the car is delivered to the final destination.

    Take out all your Materials

    Before you release the vehicle for car shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Georgia, be sure that there are no personal stuffs inside. Check all the compartments and all the storage to ensure that the car will be going empty. Don’t be tempted to think you can ship the vehicle with your personal items in it. It will be a very big lie and no one will be responsible if they get damaged or lost during car moving from St. Paul Minnesota to Georgia. The insurance won’t cover them as well. The same should also be the case with any accessories you may have added to the vehicle.

    Turn Off the Car Alarm

    If you have alarm in the vehicle, be sure to disable it. Some people usually prefer to tell the shippers how to disable it when they come for the vehicle, but this is not a good idea since drivers may be changed and the next one may not know how to disable the alarm. If the auto is shipped and the alarm is not disabled, the carrier truck driver has the right to disable it through any means possible should it go off during car shipping from St. Paul Minnesota to Georgia. This may include breaking your glasses to disable it and you will be the party on the losing end here. Follow these simple yet important steps to avoid problems during car moving from St. Paul Minnesota to Georgia. For more tips, visit or call ASG at (888) 588-1269.