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    Why Does Shipping Your Vehicle Need the Involvement of a Good Broker?

    In the auto transport industry, there are actually three people needed to move a car. There are the people who do the work – car carriers, there are people that coordinate the work for the carrier – auto broker and there are people who need car shipping from Sarasota Florida to Idaho, that’s you. The car haulers spend every moment they are allowed to drive behind the wheel moving cars down the road. Miles equate to money and when the truck is parked, owner/operators are actually losing money. Why is that you ask? Even while a car moving from Sarasota Florida to Idaho service provider is parked licenses, insurance, depreciation on their equipment and a mirage of other expenses just keeps on going so the auto hauler has to keep that truck moving. An auto transporter doesn’t have time to search for cars to load on their carrier; they must depend on an auto broker.

    Since you have made it to this site, I am assuming you typed into Google Search something like “how to transport my car”. That’s how you found Auto Shipping Group. Our site is searching for people like you that needs to move a vehicle on an auto carrier. Now that we found you, we need to collect all your information: name, email, phone number, what kind of vehicle you need transported, location of the car now and where and when you need your auto moved. We are going to need your information so we can give you a cost for car moving from Sarasota Florida to Idaho. Carriers are busy with your auto move so they need Auto Shipping Group to find them customers to keep their car shipping from Sarasota Florida to Idaho business thriving.

    The Auto Brokers Role in Transporting Your Vehicle

    The auto broker will respond to you quickly with information on what it will cost to move your car. They are happy to speak with you and will explain every step of the way. If you give them permission to move your car, they are going to post your vehicle on a load board where car shipping from Sarasota Florida to Idaho service providers search for vehicles needing to be moved, the broker will insure that the auto carrier has all the appropriate insurance to protect your vehicle while car moving from Sarasota Florida to Idaho and will be the communication liaison between you and the truck driver. For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.