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    Preparation is Key to a Smooth and Successful Auto Moving Process

    Clean Your Vehicle

    This may sound like very strange advice considering you’re about to transport your car however many miles, but it can actually help the auto shipping from Sarasota Florida to Colorado process a lot. A clean car means that a full inspection of the outside of the car can be made more easily. When the driver is going to pick up the vehicle, they will perform a thorough inspection of its condition. A clean car means that any scratches or dents can be easily seen and recorded by the driver, and will prevent any disputes that may occur after car shipping from Sarasota Florida to Colorado.

    Take out Items

    You may think it a good idea to ship some personal items in your vehicle, but this can be a very bad idea. For one thing, shipping personal items inside your car means that these items will likely be uninsured, as most carriers are not licensed to transport personal goods and so will not be insured against anything being broken or stolen during auto shipping from Sarasota Florida to Colorado. You may also go over the car’s weight limit if you fill your vehicle with personal items, which could incur hidden costs as well as risking the security of the automobile while in transit. Most companies will ask you to remove all personal items before car shipping from Sarasota Florida to Colorado.

    Make Sure Your Battery Is Charged

    You need to be able to drive your car away at the drop-off venue, so as well as keeping some fuel in the tank, also ensure that the car battery is charged. A fully charged battery can work for over a week, so even if your vehicle needs to be transported for a long distance it will still be able to work at the drop-off point if you charge the battery fully.Auto transport companies will often ask that you do all of the above before auto shipping from Sarasota Florida to Colorado. As well as the listed items, they may also require you to do extra tasks, so make sure that you check with the car shipping from Sarasota Florida to Colorado business thoroughly before driving your vehicle to the pick-up point.For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.