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    How to Determine a Non-Running/Inoperable Vehicle

    There are a lot of non-running cars and they aren’t just broken down cars. Therefore, it is important to know what an inoperable vehicle is so that you know beforehand what to expect when car shipping from San Francisco California to Kansas. Any vehicle that does not start or cannot move using its own power is considered to be a non-running vehicle. In regular cases, your automobile will be loaded and unloaded by the driver, driving it into or out of a truck. With this method, it takes your shipper much less time and effort to load and unload the vehicle, and hence, your car moving from San Francisco California to Kansas price is much cheaper.

    In this sense, there are a few other things that can categorize a vehicle as a non-running one and why it makes your car shipping from San Francisco California to Kansas a bit costly. One of these things is that the vehicle is not steerable. If you have removed the steering wheel from your auto or taken out the linkages, it can cause a bit of a problem during car moving from San Francisco California to Kansas process. Vehicles like these are usually lifted on and off the carrier with the help of a forklift or a winch. Hence, non-running vehicles are those vehicles that cannot start, steer, brake, or roll.

    Since this type of vehicle requires extra work to load and unload, oftentimes, it is a bit more expensive. If you want to avoid paying this price, you should try getting your vehicle up and moving if that can be done. The auto transportation industry is experienced in picking up, shipping, and dropping all kinds of vehicles. No matter what kind of automobile you need to be shipped, just inform the company beforehand so that they can give you the right car shipping from San Francisco California to Kansas service. If you want to hire a reliable company that can provide your special car moving from San Francisco California to Kansas needs, contact Auto Shipping Group. They are highly experienced in transporting various vehicles including inoperable ones. Call them now at (888) 588-1269 or visit for more details.