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    Valuable Tips to Make Your Shipment More Affordable


    If you are not in a big hurry to do your auto transport from San Francisco California to Iowa plan, you should wait until the off-peak period. If you live near the coast, you should know that coast-to-coast car shipping is the busiest during the summer season from May till September. The fall and spring seasons also experience heavy car carrier traffic due to snowbirds who want their car transported from the cold northern states to the warmer southern states. So if you live in these places, you will experience lower rates during off-seasons. However, don’t wait too long; most companies encourage customers to reserve their auto shipping from San Francisco California to Iowa services a few months in advance to ensure they have the carrier and the manpower to have their vehicle transported.

    Flexible Dates

    Most car transport companies will let you choose your own auto transport from San Francisco California to Iowa date, based on whatever is best for your schedule; however, this may cost you a little bit more. You can opt for lower-priced auto shipping from San Francisco California to Iowa option if you don’t give them an exact day of pick up or drop off. Some car movers may even give you a discount if you get your car picked up or delivered on a day that is not too busy. However, you should also keep your convenience and availability in mind also. Don’t give them a date when you won’t be able to pick up or drop off your car.

    Choose Open Carriers

    If your auto is not a high-end sports car, an antique or classic vehicle, or one that requires privacy from prying eyes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for open auto transport from San Francisco California to Iowa. Open auto shipping from San Francisco California to Iowa is not as bad for your vehicle as you think. Even though your vehicle will be exposed to the elements, only in rare circumstances will it be damaged. High-quality auto transport companies like Auto Shipping Group take every measure available to ensure your vehicle remains safe through the journey. You don’t need to worry about its condition unless it is a luxury vehicle or a collectible. If you need more tips for your shipment, feel free to contact us at (888) 588-1269 or visit