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    How Do Season Affect the Car Shipping Industry?

    The auto transport industry is largely based on seasonal changes which mean that the time of year will always be factored into the quotes you receive from transport companies. Prices can increase both in summer and winter months based on demand. You can expect for summer auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Washington to involve fast service with competitive prices. Whereas, car shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Washington during the winter season could include higher prices with longer delivery times.

    However, the high and low seasons in the vehicle transport industry are influenced by many factors over the course of the year. These include; traffic fluctuations, demand, weather, and season. How much these factors will affect your quote will depend on the location that you’re shipping your car from and to.Significant weather events that occur throughout the year can also influence auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Washington prices. If the shipment of your vehicle happens to overlap with any major weather events like a blizzard or hurricane, you could be charged more. An increase in auto accidents is another reason why car shippers may increase prices. Additionally, as gas prices fluctuate through the seasons, car shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Washington prices are affected too.

    What makes car shipping in the summer different?

    Auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Washington in the summer can be easier due to the weather conditions but may also end up driving the price higher because of demand. In warmer months, the auto transport industry tends to move much smoother. This is due to the fact that carriers don’t have to navigate erratic weather conditions. The unpredictable nature of winter, especially in the north, is not an issue in summer months and typically results in fewer delays.Summer allows for safer and faster car shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Washington thanks to better weather conditions, roads that are clear of snow, and the existence of longer days. However, summer is a more popular time to ship a vehicle. There are more people looking to move their cars and this makes each spot on a trailer that much more valued. As a result, prices can be higher to compensate for the high demand. For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.