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    What Should You Look for When Performing Maintenance before Car Shipping?

    Auto transport from Raleigh North Carolina to Utah companies will not fix your car for you.  They need to be able to drive your vehicle on and off the truck.  If something happens and your vehicle does not run correctly, it cannot be shipped.  You should look for leaks, any mechanical issues, tire pressure, and back sure the fluids are topped off.If you notice any issues with your car, you must fix them before auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Utah.  Get those leaks fixed.  Ensure the tires are at the correct pressure.  Make sure all the fluids such as brake, oil, power steering, coolant, and washer fluids are all filled.

    Why Should I Have Less Gas?

    You are shipping your car and not driving it.  The extra gas will add to your weight that is being shipped.  In turn, that will add to the cost of auto transport from Raleigh North Carolina to Utah.  You should leave it at a quarter of a tank.  This will be enough to get you to the shipping port, let them move your car for transport, and get you to a gas station when you pick up your vehicle.You will want to protect your car during auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Utah.  A full take adds to more of a liability.  Besides, you are transporting your vehicle.  You do not need all that extra weight.

    What is in the Bill of Landing?

    There is some crucial information in the bill of landing.  It will have the location you are shipping from and its condition.  It will take about any maintenance issues your car may have.  It will include the place your vehicle is being shipped to.  It will also have the necessary information on a contract such as shippers’ responsibilities, liabilities, and insurance information.One of the most important things you will do is signing the bill of landing.  This is essentially your contract with the auto transport from Raleigh North Carolina to Utah business.  You are signing over your car into their hands.  They will now be responsible for the safety of your vehicle for the whole auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Utah process. For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.