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    What Type of Damages on your Vehicle Should You Document?

    Once the car is washed, you can find any damages that are in your vehicle.  You will look for scratches, paint chips, scratches, and dents on the outside of your car.  On the inside of the vehicle, you will also note any damages such as torn seats, holes in the floorboards, etc. You need to document these things.  Our advice is to document everything and have it verified by the auto transport company.  Have both parts sign the document, and you will ensure the auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Tennessee business has a copy of the paper with all the damages recorded. The point behind recording this information is to make it easier to make a claim if there are any new damages acquired during car shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Tennessee.  Things happen in transport that I cause more damage.  You must have your paperwork in order.

    Why Do You Remove All Personal Items?

    When auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Tennessee, the car is what is insured for damages or theft.  Therefore, your personal items such as sunglasses, GPS, televisions, etc. are not guaranteed.  Car shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Tennessee companies will also bestrict about personal items in the car.  They can be fined if they allow you to ship personal items in your vehicle. If you insist on personal shipping items still, make sure they are locked in the trunk where they cannot be seen.

    You will also want to remove any toll tags or parking passes.  If you leave your toll tag on your vehicle, think about what may happen when auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Tennessee.  You will get charged for every toll that truck drives through. Things such as your jack, car license plate, emergency kits, and spare tire are not considered personal items.  These are items essential to the car in case of emergencies.  They can be left in the vehicle when car shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Tennessee. For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.