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    How Could You Tell If You are Dealing with a Direct Shipper or a Broker?

    One way to tell is by looking at how many trucks the company owns itself. If the company is a brokerage, it means they will be farming you move out to another business to perform the actual auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Minnesota. Often with brokers, the cost to ship your vehicle could vary from the quote you’ve received as they cannot provide a concrete rate until they find a carrier to move the vehicle. Other brokers will honor their quoted rate even if it means they take a loss. Keep in mind that when using a broker, you trust them to select the company that will handle your car shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Minnesota order.

    Make sure to ask a lot of questions about what the broker does to screen the auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Minnesota service providers they partner with. If the broker isn’t properly screening their carriers, there is a possibility your car could end up on a sub-par carrier’s truck. Also ask about who will be responsible for handling a potential claim. Does the broker handle claims resolution in-house or will they push you off to deal with the carrier to get reimbursement? A service-focused broker handles claims in-house to ensure the customer gets fair and efficient treatment when using their car shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Minnesota services.

    When you work directly with a carrier, you may be restraint of their fleet size. While a large auto shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Minnesota company may have a few hundred trucks, they still can’t match the enormous stable of carriers accessible by a broker. During peak car shipping from Raleigh North Carolina to Minnesota periods, the carrier may simply not have enough trucks to handle their volume which can result in delays. If working with a carrier, it’s important to ask about guaranteed transit times if timing is important.  For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.