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    The Reason Behind the Great Number of Enclosed Transport Users

    If you talk to professionals in the field of auto transport from Provo Utah to Rhode Island, you are bound to receive some good advice. Professional opinions go a long way to helping you select the right method. At Auto Shipping Group, we are a company experienced in auto shipping from Provo Utah to Rhode Island. We can help you decide if enclosed auto transport is better for your vehicle.

    What Is Enclosed Transport?

    As the name suggests, enclosed transport refers to a carrier that is covered. It has four walls and a roof. These protect the cargo it carries. An enclosed form of auto transport from Provo Utah to Rhode Island provides shelter from inclement weather. It offers safety and security. Furthermore, these trailers usually come with a winch. This can prove helpful if the vehicle you are shipping is not in running condition.Enclosed shipping is not for every vehicle. It is more expensive than flatbed auto transport is. At Auto Shipping Group, we recommend it to many of our customers when:

    • The vehicle they are shipping is a classic model
    • The automobile is one that they prize highly
    • The car or truck is a luxury or even sports model

    By shipping in an enclosed trailer, owners can relax. They know their “babies,” and prized possessions will arrive safely. In an enclosed form of auto shipping from Provo Utah to Rhode Island, the vehicle has no chance of suffering from the potential damage caused by dirt, dust and other flying road debris. It will escape totally the possible harm that severe weather can cause.

    If you are planning to ship your vehicle, contact Auto Shipping Group’s team of experienced professionals. They will work with you to find the best auto transport from Provo Utah to Rhode Island solution. If you have an older model vehicle, you may want to send it by open transport. However, if your car is a classic or a high-end, luxury vehicle, we will recommend the safest means possible – enclosed auto shipping from Provo Utah to Rhode Island. For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.