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    The Fine Points of Door To Door Auto Transport Service

    The first thing we need to do is to explain door to door auto shipping from Provo Utah to Michigan. Just like the name implies, we’ll pick up your car from the exact location you specify, provided it is easily accessible for a long carrier and deliver it to the destination address you provide. Nothing could be easier than door to door car shipping from Provo Utah to Michigan!

    Methods of Door to Door Delivery

    There are two auto shipping from Provo Utah to Michigan methods we use for door to door delivery. You see car carriers on the road all the time. Dealerships use these open carriers to move vehicles from factories or ports to the dealer’s lot all the time. Cars on an open trailer are kept in place through a series of chains, usually attaching the carrier to the frame of the car. The second method is the enclosed carrier. Though you have probably seen these on the road, you probably did not realize that the cargo included autos! With our enclosed carrier service, autos are tethered to the inside of the container via soft straps. Of the two methods of car shipping from Provo Utah to Michigan, the enclosed carrier option is by far the more expensive but also protects the car more completely from damage, dirt and debris.

    Is Door To Door Auto Transport For You?

    In the end, the choice of whether to drive from one end of the country to the other or to have us move the vehicle for you is your decision. Make sure to check out our delivery record, methods of delivery, and overall reputation as an auto shipping from Provo Utah to Michigan business. If you are moving on a budget, use our quote calculator to get a quick estimate so you’ll know what to expect and can maintain budgetary room for emergencies. For more car shipping from Provo Utah to Michigan details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.