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    Ohio is located in midwestern region of the United States. The capital is Columbus and is also the largest city. Ohio is ranked 34th for total area and ranked 7th for population. The highest point in the state is Campbell Hill at 1,549 ft and the lowest is Ohio River at 455 ft. The average temperature in Ohio is 84 °F for the high and 64 °F low in July, winter temperatures range from 36 °F to 21 °F in January.

    Our first office is in Columbus and is located at [address] please give us a call at [number]. for your auto shipping needs. The weather in during the summer can hit well over 85 °F with lows of 65 °F. With the average winter high being 29 °F and an average low of 18 °F. Sports teams in the city are the Columbus Blue Jackets which play at Nationwide arena. Columbus has fine dining, theater, music and the Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District, it includes Inniswood metro gardens, Battelle-Darby creek metro park is noted for its reintroduction of wild bison.

    Car Shipping Ohio

    Our second office is located in Cleveland at [address] and can be contacted at [number] for your car shipping needs. The climate in Cleveland on average in July is 73 °F and in the winter the city’s average is 28 °F. Cleveland is home to the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cleveland Metropolitan school district is the largest K-12 district in the state of Ohio. Cleveland is home to a number of colleges like the Case Western Reserve University, a world renowned research facility.

    Ohio Auto Shipping Group

    Our third office is located in [address] and can be called at [number]. Settled in 1788 the city is located on the north side of the Ohio river. Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio with a population of 298,800 and it is also the 65th largest city in the United states. Summers in Cincinnati are warm to hot and the average temperature is 74 °F. Winters are usually cold and snowy with January being the coldest month of the year with lows reaching an average of 30 °F.

    Auto shipping group can give you the best shipping quote for moving your vehicle anywhere in the United states. Our three location can help you transport your vehicle, motorcycle or RV. Just give us a call for a customized quote for moving your car. We are licensed, bonded and insured for transporting any vehicle from state to state or anywhere in the world. We transport over tens of thousands of vehicles every year. Many people move into and out of Ohio each month and need the services of vehicle movers that will provide reliable auto shipping to their new locations. Whether you choose open or enclosed auto shipping you’ll have no problem finding an auto transport company that will be reasonably priced and provide a variety of services that fits any budget. Auto shipping Group offers auto transport services to and from any location in America so if want knowledgeable client services reps to handle the auto shipping service you’ll need then call us at 800-901-6452.

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