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    Can My Vehicle be Shipped Straight to My House?

    Probably! This all depends on how easy a giant delivery truck could access your house. If the auto transport from Orem Utah to Oklahoma business can’t access your home, you will need to claim your vehicle at another spot.Retrieving your prized automobile at a predetermined location is the most economical option. If the auto shipping from Orem Utah to Oklahoma service provider is dropping several cars or trucks off at a stop anyway, you won’t be charged for an extra stop.Many places will allow you up to 3 days to get your vehicle. Some offer storage if you’re not able to make it within their time frame. Like most extra services, it will cost you more.

    How Long Does It Take to Deliver a Car?

    Auto transport from Orem Utah to Oklahoma times vary with each purchase and each company. On average, United States shipping from northern states to southern states, Midwest to the west coast, or Midwest to the east coast is 3-8 days.All the way cross-country, from coast to coast can take up to 15 days for delivery. Rushed shipping can usually be arranged for a price. Getting your vehicle within 2-3 days can cost up to $500 extra.It’s important to factor in weather and other conditions like road construction, accidents, or natural disasters. These are all things out of any human’s control. Preparing yourself for the unexpected is key when waiting for that vehicle to arrive!Check with the vehicle transport provider as well. What kinds of safeguards do they have in place for unexpected instances? How well will your vehicle be covered in the event of a mishap during auto shipping from Orem Utah to Oklahoma?

    Transporting Your Vehicle With Auto Shipping Group

    Arranging auto transport from Orem Utah to Oklahoma after winning your bid on a car doesn’t have to be complicated. As a vehicle owner, you should do your homework and make sure you’re dealing with a solid company.However, after ensuring insurance details and vetting a transport company, you can sit back and wait for your prize to arrive.Let us help you with your vehicle transport process. We at Auto Shipping Group would love to partner with you to get your winning bid from A to B.We are fully credited by the Better Business Bureau. We have thousands of satisfied customers just like you from across the United States.Have questions about cost, pick-up, and auto shipping from Orem Utah to Oklahoma methods? Visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.