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    Why It Makes Sense to Transport Your Vehicle During the Winter Season

    The typical “busy season” for auto transport from Orem Utah to Iowa is in the late spring through the beginning of the fall. So, you could ship later in the fall and earlier in the spring if you are looking to avoid the absolute busiest time of the year for shipping a vehicle. However, during those times it is still busier than it is during the winter months. Make no mistake, you can ship your car without incident during any time during the year. It is just that auto shipping from Orem Utah to Iowa during the winter has some advantages. One of those advantages is that it is the least in-demand shipping time of the year. This directly translates to more carriers with open spots on their hauls. Thus, you will likely get your shipment scheduled slightly sooner than you would during any other time of the year.

    Shipping in the winter is typically a little less expensive

    Auto shipping from Orem Utah to Iowa during the winter will likely also be slightly less expensive than if you shipped during the summer. Consider it from a supply and demand perspective. If there is less of a demand for auto transport from Orem Utah to Iowa services, then the available supply available will be greater thus resulting in a lower average price to ship. It also costs carriers a little bit less, in terms of expense, to ship during the winter because fuel prices tend to be at their lowest during that time. In a highly competitive environment, it benefits carriers to lower their prices when they can. Thus, when they see savings, so do you.

    How much money will I save by shipping in the winter?

    That does depend on several factors but using the example of shipping a 2015 Toyota Corolla in January 2021 versus in July 2021 will cost approximately $100 less if you shipped in the winter and booked your auto transport from Orem Utah to Iowa order several weeks in advance. This is an estimate generated in 2020, so the price could decrease or increase as time goes on and cost variables change. As we mentioned, you should be aware that several factors can affect the final price of your auto shipping from Orem Utah to Iowa order. The most important of which is the distance that you are shipping your car. Other factors such as the make and model of the vehicle and how far in advance that you book your shipment will affect the final price as well. For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.