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    Never Ending Tips from Professional Shippers at Auto Shipping Group

    So you’ve bought the motor of your dreams. How do you arrange auto transport from Orem Utah to Illinois for the collection and delivery of your prized purchase?  How do you get it delivered to your front door?You got it at the right price, in the right condition, a coupe? a convertible? Suitable for cruising down the Riviera or a decent runabout for shopping trips and runs to the tip.But it’s parked at someone else’s house 400 miles away!Luckily with access to thousands of quality transport providers,Auto Shipping Group can help you get competitive auto shipping from Orem Utah to Illinois quotes that match your requirements to get your new motor to you.Here are our top tips on how to get your shiny new run about moved safely and on time.

    How do I move this? 

    Car transport has two very basic choices.  Can the car be driven from location to location or does it need to be transported?It’s often cheaper to have it to be driven to you.  If it’s a non-runner or you’d prefer that no one else drives your cherished possession, then a car transporter is your best option.If your car is being transported, then you need to take into account what type of transporter you require.  If you’ve just bought a vintage classic, we’d recommend it being covered during auto transport from Orem Utah to Illinois.  This has the added benefit of creating curiosity from nosey neighbors when your car is delivered.Don’t forget to ask your auto shipping from Orem Utah to Illinois provider any specific questions you have or special requests.   These can affect the cost and also assist in identifying the correct transport. You may think it’s a stupid question, or even goes without saying, but it’s better to clarify so everyone understands.

    Who, when and where?

    Agree collection and delivery dates and times with the auto transport from Orem Utah to Illinois business.  Make sure there’s someone present at the collection and delivery points at the date and time agreed.  They will be required to handover the motor, keys, documents and anything else agreed during the sale.  Make sure it’s ready for collection!  The transporter driver won’t be too happy waiting for a garage to be cleared of old tires and furniture to get the car out.If the car is being delivered to a leafy lane in the middle of nowhere with poor mobile reception and doesn’t feature on most satellite navigation systems, give some clear, easy to follow directions. It’s amazing how many deliveries are delayed by people assuming that auto shipping from Orem Utah to Illinois companies know the local area as well as you.For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.